Pavers vs. Stamped Concrete

What are some of the benefits of using pavers over Stamped Concrete?

Most pavers are rated to be 4 times as strong (PSI) as a typical concrete slab which means they can handle 4 times as much weight on their surface before they would crack.

A great benefit about pavers is that most of the manufacturers back up their paving stone products with a Lifetime Guarantee against breaking and cracking, so if a paver should ever fail, you will be covered.

Due to the installation process and their interlocking system, paving stones are extremely flexible and are able to disperse the pressure or weight evenly, which prevents cracking. Some paving materials are stronger than others, but most individual units are less susceptible to breakage because they are made to move with the earth.

Paving bricks also stand up very well to changes in the weather conditions with their ability to expand and contract without cracking. Not only are the individual pavers made to expand and contract, the entire installation, from sub-grade all the way to the top of the surface is meant to freeze and thaw with the earth around it, without the homeowner ever noticing.

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