The Unilock Difference

Almost all paver manufacturers have their own “Authorized Contractors.” These lists are usually very easy to get on and don’t necessarily mean your installer or the business you have selected has any experience in hardscape installation. Unfortunately, sometimes simply attending a 4 hour marketing course sponsored by the manufacturer is all it takes to be “Authorized.”

UniLock recognized the problem many years ago and met it head on. When your installer carries the “Authorized Contractor from UniLock” badge he or she has met a list of requirements that include:

Why use an authorized Unilock Contractor?

  • The installer has been installing hardscapes for more than 5 years with a 40,000sq.ft. minimum Addam has been installing hardscapes for over 20 years, Total Landscape Solutions has been in business for 10 and at this point has lost count of the total sq. ft.
  • UniLock has conducted a minimum of 3 reference checks on past installations to insure happy clients and quality installations. UniLock continues to complete reference checks on Total Landscape Solutions and continues to see happy clients and quality installations.
  • Unilock has conducted inspections of installations that are at least 3 years old to be sure of no settling and that the construction remains sound. Total Landscape Solutions carries a full portfolio of installations that have been completed in years past, some as old as 15 years ago, with no signs of settling
  • UniLock has inspected our insurance and has confirmed we carry a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance and also carry a Worker’s Compensation Policy to cover all employees. As out of state contractors for installations outside CT, Total Landscape Solutions must carry $2 million in liability insurance

TLS Is proud to meet all of these rigorous Unilock Authorized Contractor requirements, and will strive to go above and beyond to do the name proud.

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